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Relocation Services

Icon Moving Services is proud to partner with Icon Relocation to offer the highest-quality, seamlessly integrated relocation services worldwide.

Icon Relocation provides a complete and cost effective solution for all corporate relocation requirements. From a senior executive relocation to London, an international relocation from New York to Singapore, through to setting up a corporate housing program for short-term or rotational assignees in the UK, or advice on visa and immigration requirements for an employee’s relocation to Frankfurt, Icon Relocation can provide the answer.

In order to offer a truly personalised relocation service to employees, Icon Relocation believes strongly in the single point of coordination model. From the initial contact with an employee commencing the relocation process, whether a UK relocation or an international relocation, we are very clear about who their primary contact will be: whilst there may be other experts involved, our relocation coordinators oversee the entire employee relocation, coordinating the actions of other service providers and owning the move timeline.

Icon Relocation also holds the prestigious EuRA Quality Seal; the world's first accreditation programme for relocation service providers. Companies holding the seal are recognised as the leaders in excellence in relocation against which other providers are measured.

Icon Relocation was awarded the European Relocation Association (EuRA) Quality Seal in September 2008 at the first attempt, following an audit by DQS GmbH. This certification ensures that both you and your assignees can be confident of receiving the highest quality of service at all times.

For further information about the range of services provided by Icon Relocation, please click here.

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