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Our Approach

Our Approach

Icon Moving Services’ approach to the management of international moving is both fresh and innovative, in a marketplace often stifled by a “can’t do” culture, poor communication and opaque costs. By taking only the very best elements of traditional moving models and augmenting these with our own flexible and intuitive systems, Icon Moving Services has re-written the rules for international moving, putting the client at the centre of the process.

Below are just some of the considerable benefits of Icon Moving Services’ approach:

Cost saving

Using our industry knowledge and global purchasing power, we are able to secure the most competitive rates whilst ensuring best-in-class service worldwide.

Time saving

Only one pre-move survey is required for your assignee, saving employee down-time. As Icon Moving Services compare and benchmark all movers’ costs prior to submission, this also reduces workload for often beleaguered Human Resources departments.

Policy design and implementation

We can draft moving policies for you, as well as benchmarking existing policies against the market. All moving services are operated strictly within policy and hence costs are closely controlled at all stages.


Many movers are “tied in” to reciprocal trading agreements, requiring them to trade a certain volume of goods between themselves. Clearly in this case the client and assignee are no longer at the centre of the process, but become a “commodity” to be traded. Icon Moving Services is entirely independent of any such deals, selecting and working with our global Partners purely on the basis of quality of service, communication and cost.


By choosing Icon Moving Services to manage your moving requirements, you are assured of total ownership of the service from initial inquiry to project completion. Your Moving Consultant controls the entire process, ensuring that all services, documentation and special requirements are fully understood and met.

Specialised insurance

Icon Moving Services’ extensive knowledge of the moving insurance marketplace has enabled us to develop innovative solutions to household goods insurance, to the benefit of both clients and assignees. Our purchasing power and exceptional claim record also enable us to offer some of the lowest insurance rates available, whilst extending both the scope and level of cover.

Our Environment

The moving process is a nett consumer of energy and as such Icon Moving Services have a number of key strategies and alliances to minimise our activities’ impact on our environment. These include waste minimisation, materials recycling and intelligent freight routing. We also actively support reforestation programmes worldwide and provide advice to industry on carbon reduction in freight services.

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